Why you need to change your mindset to succeed

Our lives are essentially a printout of our subconscious programs, behaviours that were fundamentally acquired from others (parents, family, and community) before we were six years old. These repeated subconscious programming start to form as Beliefs & Habits some become self-limiting (you are not good enough; you are a failure) these self-limiting beliefs can hinder every area of your life.

Our Subconscious beliefs are the vehicle who drives our lives, when we realise this and find these beliefs and change them to self-empowering beliefs is the day you will have the key to your path and to your greatness. Did you ever ask yourself why I keep getting the same results in my life? it’s because you are not working on your beliefs, you are not analysing yourself to see who’s behaviours you picked up and if it’s what you really want.

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The subconscious mind is a recording machine it will record everything you do, what you want and also things you don’t want, doesn’t know right or wrong.

  • If you elevate your attention to problems, it will give you more problems,
  • If you criticise people, it will give you more people to criticise.
  • If you are scared, you will get scary situations.
  • If you hate people, you will get hateful people around you.
  • Do you see where I am coming from.

Your mindset/beliefs turn into Habits and behaviours, which in turn, effects your emotions & physiology.

Self-limiting beliefs have Emotions attached hence why we feel depressed and stressed because this is how subconscious communicates with you.

For example, opinions of others always affected me I got upset depressed, I could not understand why I could not control this, I read so much self-help books, had therapy, affirmations none helped until I looked into my beliefs.

The belief I had that was limiting me was I never Trusted myself, I never thought I am good enough hence why people’s opinions always affected me at a deeper level.

After I switched this belief to a more empowering belief, I TRUST MY SELF is the day my life changed, and I now don’t get effected by people’s opinions or their behaviour towards me and I never think about people or what they may think about me.

I also notice the more beliefs I changed the more organised my life become, it was like my subconscious started to organised everything for me in chronological order, I started getting job offers out of nowhere, I started communicating better, my self-confidence expanded, it was like some dark forces lifted off from My life and I started seeing everything very clearly my conscious become very clear.

Monitor your beliefs for 7 days your habit your actions where are they coming from, ask How am I feeling now, what do I want instead.