Prior to working with Eylem I had several issues that caused me much pain and frustration, namely an overall lack of self-worth and confidence. However, having now done several Psych-k sessions in conjunction with a 12-week Hypnotherapy program the change I have experienced has been colossal. Namely my increase in confidence, which includes socialising, acheiving personal goals, overcoming past fears and building healthy habits. Also, when working with Eylem I could tell she had a genuine interest in helping me, all the problems I presented were taken seriously and dealt with accordingly through tailoring our Psych-k and Hynotherapy sessions to meet my needs, such as custom Hypnotherapy recordings. If you find yourself lacking self-worth and confidence or if you suffer from anxiety, please consider working with Eylem.
– Lee

Eylem is so sweet and supportive. She has helped me take more control of my thoughts and emotions. She is very understanding and uplifting in her approach. She explains everything so clearly and is always available for guidance when needed. Thank you so much


Eylem is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She has constant enthusiasm and her nature is very uplifting. She has an enormous range of skills to guide you through self growth or trauma and I find my time with her invaluable. I can never thank her enough for everything that she has and is doing for me.
Carla Woodcock

Firstly I want to say thank you very much to Eylem for helping me and to know exactly where is my biggest concern in life from my severe anxiety and depression to my problems going through gambling. After a few sessions truly feeling much better and on control of my life I know exactly how to switch that first thought to the way I want to be not just that .I am 0 feeling amazing about myself and exactly who I am. Feeling safe secure and happy. I have done counselling for over 18 years but never had any helpful response into my life. Thank you very much Eylem to be there for me and for others. You doing amazing work and will be grateful if I carry on working with you .
Mohamed Aayate

Eylem is amazing in how she manages to find the emotional blocks and manages to release those blocks for greater wellbeing and emotional freedom
Mark Periklis

The solution based hypnotherapy given my Eylem was amazing! Week after week I came to really look forward to our session. I had a spring in my step every day, I felt happy and positive. I would definitely have more sessions another time.
Danielle George

Eylem is extremly nice and kind. The Psych-K sessions she conducted for me are extremely helpful. It has transformed me and relieved me from depressive state. I can see my life is changing for the better because of her sessions. Highly recommend her to anyone who want to transform their lives.

5 months ago I had a psych a session about my anxiety around weight loss. I didn’t think of anything at the time, I was around 80kg. 6 months later now I am 63kg I truly believe this was to do with the session! I completely changed my eating habits and really started focusing on myself going to the gym usually I would procrastinate in this situation I would be distracted completely. I am now in the right state of mind thanks to Eylem I cannot recommend her enough. Will definitely be returning for future sessions x
Ells A

Eylem was very supportive and listened to my problems that I had. She went deep to the problem and helped with my healing process. She has vast experience in field of not only psy-k but also reiki and hypnosis which was very helpful in my healing process. I will recommend her to anyone as she goes out of the way to help people like giving more for the session and her price is better than any practitioner in London. Thank you for all your help Eylem.
Dibya Gurung

I have had 3 sessions of Psych K and Reiki with Eylem. I have done a lot of research behind the science of Psych K and this was the 1st time I have ever tried it. I have always been a strong believer of energy and energy flow in the body, but after having Reiki sessions with Eylem online, my belief in reiki has strengthened even further. Eylem is very generous, kind, very enthusiastic and passionate about her work with energy. She has helped me over a period of 6 weeks and I can feel a profound shift in my mind set, my emotions, and my physical energy. I feel very reassured from within, more grounded and my motivation is high. For eg. After 1.5 years I have felt motivated to cook and exercise, while I struggled to do this before the sessions with Eylem. We worked on some traumatic issues that needed attention and now I don’t have an emotional charge attached to those events.I would recommend Psych K a million times to anyone who intends to do it, its worth it and its magical. Thank you Eylem for helping me and for your dedication to make a change in this world.
Novlyn Barretto

My PSYCH-K session with Eylem has been incredibly illuminating and life changing. Also, I was so amazed how bespoke PSYCH-K session is! I totally believe Eylem is made for it and it is so beautiful to see her 100% dedication and energy into your results and life change! I am back in 2 weeks time! Thank you!
Miss Salagean