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IM YOU offers professional Psych-K ® therapy to help you balance your life.



A Journey Into Yourself

Growing into the person that you have always wanted starts with asking the right questions. But, how do you know which aspects of your life you should dig deeper? How can these questions unlock a deeper understanding of you and your place in this world? This is where Relationship Balance, Core Beliefs, and Belief Points with Energy Focusing come in.

With Relationship Balance, you are given the chance to have a closer look into your relationships so you can identify important lessons about yourself in connection to others. It involves asking yourself questions such as, “Who am I not in sync with in my life? What patterns do I have in my relationships? How do I connect with the people in my life?”.

Next, there are Core Beliefs. These are the tenets that you live by and which you use as guides as you build the life that you envision. It answers questions like, “Do you believe you deserve love? Are you capable of forgiving and forgetting or forgiving but never forgetting? Do you believe that you are responsible for your life’s trajectory?”.

Finally, we have Belief Points with Energy Focusing. This revolves around having a better understanding of underlying issues or challenges that may be hindering your growth. It asks questions such as, “What are the issues found in my subconscious that might be blocking my journey? Does it involve struggles with forgiveness? Acceptance of myself? Letting go of the past?”


Let’s Start This Journey Together!

let’s start this journey together!
I offer Psych-K distance, in-person, and online private sessions. Here’s what to expect:

  1.  Online Sessions Through Zoom
    If you choose to have an online session, I can do the muscle testing for you through Surrogation. I will also guide you through the Psych-K Balances and it would feel very similar to an in-person session.

  2. Distant Sessions
    If your schedule won’t allow you to schedule a session, I also offer distant sessions which lets you go through the process without having to use a computer or smartphone. I will be using Surrogation and I will just send the results to you.

Not sure if this is for you? Hop on a call with me for a FREE introductory chat.

If you are unsure whether you should book a session with me, you can have a free phone or Zoom call where you can raise any questions or concerns you might have. I will also be giving you an overview of how the session will work.

Your Journey Will Look Like This

your journey will look like this

Now that you have decided to book an appointment, you might be wondering how the session would look like during and after. During the session, we will start off by taking a deeper look into the current situation of your life and yourself. This means figuring out any changes that you would like to see and how your life should look like after the transformation. This is where we establish your Goals whether it is emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Once this is established, we move on to creating Goal Statements which serve as your newfound beliefs. After this is done, it is time to start the change process so you can retrain your subconscious mind.

Now, what should you expect before and after the session? Before your session, it is best to prepare by pondering on these questions:

  1. What is the main issue that you would like to fix during the session?
  2. Have you taken steps to try and fix this problem? If yes, what are these steps?
  3. What are your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes towards the issue at hand?
  4. What is your ideal experience compared to the situation you answered in the question above?

Before an online session, make sure to do the following:

  1. Prepare a glass of water.
  2. Check if the video link is working.
  3. Prepare a piece of paper, pen, and the form that I will be providing you.
  4. Make sure that you are in a space with no noise and possible interruptions.

After a distant session, you will be receiving session notes via email.

Learnings, Learnings, and More Learnings

learnings, learnings, and more learnings
I will be facilitating and guiding you through your journey of discovery. Once everything is over, expect to learn the following with my guidance.

  1. Interpersonal Bond
    This is all about forming trust and safety with the people around you making communication much easier.
  2. Belief Tenets
    This is 12 points found in your body that will benefit from ancient acupressure and which shows you how you are hindering yourself from reaching your potential.
  3. Energy Channeling
    This helps you channel your energy to a belief point so you can alter your subconscious beliefs.
  4. Substitution
    This allows you to use a surrogate or substitute when you cannot be physically present and can help widen your realm of influence.
  5. Core Belief Exploration
    This lets you align with the 13 Core Beliefs for exponential growth.
  6. Relationship Transformation
    This helps you have a deeper understanding of your relationships which can help transform it immensely.
  7. Understanding of the Start and End of Life
    This deals with the trauma of birth and fear of death and helps heal any negative influences of these two big events.

Sometimes Winning Means Shooting
at One Specific Target

sometimes winning means shooting at one specific target
On some occasions, it might be overwhelming to solve everything in one go and it would be best to give your full attention to one aspect per session.

I am here to offer you guidance as you try to deepen your understanding of the wisdom that is already in you. I am not here to dictate anything for you and I am merely a guide in your journey as you practice discernment and intuitive thinking. This way we can find the right path for you in this journey of self-discovery that you are undertaking in your Psych-K session. Hopefully, this will lead you to a life-changing experience.

Psych-K sessions help retrain the subconscious mind by helping alter old beliefs which then helps you unlock the potential within and this can be done by taking concrete steps towards your established Goal. By the end of your session, I will help you come up with an action plan to help bring your subconscious change to the conscious part of your mind. These actions may be tried and tested ones or completely new ones. Either way, they will help guide your life as you emerge with a new set of subconscious beliefs.

Discuss, Demonstrate, Facilitate
– How Message Protocol Work

discuss, demonstrate, facilitate - how message protocol work
There are certain situations where all you need is to identify and balance your goals. But this involves a superconscious effort to bring something vital to the forefront of your Partner’s attention through a ‘message’. This ‘message’ may present itself through an insight, lifestyle change, altered point of views, etc.


Psych-K cannot be used to cure medical conditions and is a journey to help alter subconscious beliefs. It is not a substitute for medical processes and is not considered a professional mental health care.


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Why Choose Imyou

Although several kinds of therapies exist today, most of them just target the conscious mind (like affirmations, willpower, vision boards, and talk therapy). We cannot expect these traditional tools to produce the desired results for everyone.

Reiki and PSYCH-K® sessions with Imyou are alternative healing techniques worth trying for the following reasons.

  • Changes Your Beliefs in Just 15 Minutes
  • We Offer a Free Consultation to Answer All Your Questions
  • We Provide Services in Two Languages: English and Turkish
  • Helps Youngsters Face Modern-Day Problems
  • Uses Completely Non-Invasive Healing Methods