Mental Health In The Workplace

Online or In-Person Course

Do your employees need a boost? Enhance productivity and increase work satisfaction through health and well-being practices. Transform your team by creating a culture where work and wellness collide.

Why Choose This Course?

Remove the stigma of mental health concerns in the workplace.

Help your employees learn to manage stress, identify triggers, and increase resilience in an inclusive environment.

Through this course, both management and employees benefit from easy-to-implement strategies that support performance and reduce turnover.


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Mental Health Awareness That Drives Results

Our courses utilize practical skills that can be applied to stop anxiety and stress in its tracks. A stressed-out staff is not a productive one. It’s time to boost morale through simple, actionable steps designed to promote internal wellness initiatives that will transform your workplace culture and increase productivity.

An Instructor will guide you and your organization through a series of exercises and protocols that can be recreated as needed to manage crisis situations or even simply to heighten morale and reduce stress.

This course aims to update workplace mental health methods with straightforward strategies that can affect individuals and the group as a whole.

How A Course On Mental Health
In The Workplace Can Help

This course can establish a healthier environment with improved productivity and better company morale through energetic modalities and wellness tactics.

Benefits include:

Healthier Environment

Healthier Environment

Create an environment that fosters wellness where you or your employees can thrive.

Reduce Turnover

Reduce Turnover

Companies see better employee retention, and individuals can gain strategies to maintain long-term career goals.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Learn how to enhance productivity and create a more effective way of working.

Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Gain stress relief tactics that lead to longevity in your employees

Team Build

Team Build

Work as a team and create a web of support where everyone feels seen and heard.

WFH Tactics

Create healthier work-from-home habits that address current struggles.

If you need a Mental Health In The Workplace facilitator, reach out today and book your free consultation!

Mental Health in the Workplace
Training Courses

Mental Health in the Workplace Level 1

Mental Health in the Workplace Level 1 (VTQ)


Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2

Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 (VTQ)


Mental Health in the Workplace Level 3

Mental Health in the Workplace Level 3 (VTQ)



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