Matrix Reimprinting

Online or In-Person

Transformational Work That Can Release The Power of Past Traumas

Why Choose Matrix Reimprinting?

This simple, gentle, and highly effective technique solves core issues that are related to trauma. It also can address memories that have been lost, repressed, or forgotten.

Using The Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting addresses the energetic body you were in when the experience happened. It then removes the emotional hold of that memory over your current psyche.

Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful healing process that can help you change your present and future. It’s been used by people all over the world to overcome anxiety, depression, addictions, and more.

Matrix Reimprinting is based on the idea that everything in our lives is energetically connected. This means our current experiences are influenced by past events and memories. When these memories aren’t serving us well anymore, they need to be changed so we can have a healthy relationship with the world around us.

A lot of times when we experience something traumatic or upsetting, we don’t know how to process it or make sense of it at the time. But as time goes on, those memories stay with us and affect who we are today. This is where Matrix Reimprinting comes in—it allows you to change those old negative memories so they become positive ones!


Matrix Reimprinting Facilitator In The UK

Resolve Past Traumas And Experience Less Emotional Triggers

Matrix Reimprint allows clients to live a life with less emotional and physical pain.
This technique has reached global popularity as it releases the emotional response of our younger selves to daily triggers.

Matrix Reimprinting COST

Book a 1 hour session for £80

How Matrix Reimprinting Can Help You

Matrix Reimprinting allows clients to find peace from past traumas and let go of the feelings experienced during those events.

The benefit of this technique include:

Relief From Pain
Relief From Pain Release past traumas so that present experiences don’t trigger negative emotions.
Release Of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Release Of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Trauma can lead to untrue beliefs that hold us back, learn what they are and let them go.

Decrease PTSD

Decrease PTSD

Clients experience fewer symptoms of PTSD over time.

More Supportive Mindset

More Supportive Mindset

Replace mental pictures of memories with more supportive images.

Attract Positivity

Attract Positivity

Increased optimism for the future.

Enhances Creativity

Enhances Creativity

Invite more play and energy into your life.

If you need a Matrix Reimprinting Facilitator in the UK, reach out today for your FREE consultation.


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