How To Spend Super Attractive Time With People Fast

How would you like to be able to make people feel good around you?


Imagine how much more enjoyable your life would be if people were attracted to spending time with you.


You could attract more clients, be more successful at work, and even find that special someone.


And the best part is that it’s not hard at all! All it takes is a few simple strategies that will help you get the most out of any interaction with other people. Follow these tips and watch as your life changes for the better:


  1. Be positive! People are conditioned to be negative most of the time around other people because it activates their primitive mind set and not a great way to interact with people. The way to get around this is through positive language. Say things like, “What’s been good this week?” or “What are you excited about?” This activates the positive intellectual mind and deactivates the negative primitive mind.


  1. Ask questions! When you’re talking with someone, ask them questions that will elicit a positive response such as “What do you like about your job?” or “What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?” If they don’t want to talk about something (like their job), don’t push them—just move on! It


  1. When you listen to what other people have to say, you can learn about them and what makes them tick. You can also get a better feeling for how they see the world and what their values are. This gives you more insight into who they are as a person and makes it easier for you to connect with them on an emotional level, it will also make it easier for you to redirect the conversation from negative to positive, so you can become the person who is in control of the interaction.


4.Use positive stories to explain your point, that great holiday experience you had that great job you enjoyed, our minds love stories and metaphors use allot of them make them interesting.


5.Create a great positive picture in the persons mind with sounds, colours and smell. Make them feel like they were there with you at that event or that great life you are creating for yourself. Make it interesting make it positive and fun.