Ego is the experience of being in control. It’s what we do when we think that we can change our life. There are several ways to deal with ego:

What is ego ?

“Ego” is a tricky thing to define. It can be a useful tool, but it can also be harmful and damaging to your life.

In short: Ego is the self-centered belief that you are better than everyone else around you. It’s when we think about everything in terms of how it affects us, rather than how it affects others or society as a whole.

It’s a way of thinking that’s all about what you can get out of something, rather than what you can give. Ego is when we focus on our own wants and needs, rather than considering how other people feel or what their needs are.

How ego effects your life ?

Ego is not a bad thing. It’s just a way of protecting yourself, the way you see yourself and your identity. Ego is a natural part of human nature that helps us protect ourselves from being hurt and attacked by others.

The ego is like an armour that we use to shield ourselves from criticism, disapproval or judgment from others. The ego helps us to feel safe in our own skin and protects our self-esteem by ensuring that we don’t feel inferior to others around us.

But there is a difference between having an ego and being overly-sensitive. While it’s okay to be proud of yourself and to have confidence in your abilities, there are times when being overly-sensitive can actually hold you back from achieving your goals.

How to deal with ego ?

Ego can be a good thing. It’s the reason we feel confident enough to take on challenges, to get out of bed in the morning and pursue our goals. But if your ego is too big, it can have negative effects on your life and prevent you from reaching success.

Here are a few ways to keep your ego in check:

  • Keep a positive attitude about yourself and others. Be kind, polite and respectful towards everyone you meet or interact with. People with big egos often put others down for their own benefit—don’t do that! Treat everyone equally as much as possible (this includes animals!). You should never underestimate anyone’s ability or try to belittle them because they might surprise you someday!

  • Don’t let ego control your life – Instead think positively about yourself without getting too caught up in self-esteem issues no matter who tries saying otherwise because there’s always room for improvement :)

Don’t put others down for their mistakes or failures. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t make fun of someone who does something wrong. Instead, be understanding and help them out if you can.

Can PSYCH-K help ?

Psych-K is a system that helps you to understand your ego and how it affects your life. It teaches you how to step into a space of greater awareness, where you can work from a place of clarity and understanding as opposed to being driven by fear or reactivity.

You may learn that there are unconscious beliefs and patterns that are running in the background of your psyche, or perhaps something in your life is causing you stress so much that it’s affecting your health. If something is out of balance for too long, it will eventually cause problems somewhere else in our lives.

So what happens when we are able to release these blocks? Are we happier then? Is there more love flowing through us?

These questions often go unasked because they stir up fears within ourselves; Fear of change; fear of failure; fear if I let go then who am I ?

Psych-K helps us move through these fears by helping us understand why they exist at all

When you deal with your ego , you can live more fully and find real purpose of existence.

When you deal with your ego, you can live more fully and find real purpose of existence.

  • Your ego is a barrier to living fully

  • Your ego is a barrier to finding purpose

  • Your ego is a barrier to being happy

  • Your ego is a barrier to being successful

 Ego is a part of your personality. It can be good or bad, depending on how you use it. The purpose of this article was to help you understand the role of ego in your life and what you can do about it. At Imyou we use PSYCH-K tecnique to help you find self limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

Osho written excelent book on EGO here is the link for further read