Does Hypnosis Really Work ?


Many individuals often question the effectiveness of hypnosis and hypnotherapy when they first encounter these concepts. However, a wealth of case studies exists that convincingly demonstrate the positive outcomes achieved through these practices.

In order to provide compelling evidence to my readers, I will present a recent case study involving a client who struggled with a severe gambling addiction spanning several years. The results of this study speak for themselves, highlighting the transformative power of hypnosis in combating addiction.

By sharing this case study, I will leave it up to my readers to assess the validity and efficacy of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. The evidence presented will allow them to make an informed judgment on whether hypnosis truly works or not in the context of addressing gambling addiction, Anxiety , Depression . 

Does Hypnosis Really Work 

Overall Assessment: 


The overall assessment of John’s treatment progress and outcome is positive. Throughout the sessions, John demonstrated significant improvements in various aspects of his life, including his relationships, emotional well-being, self-care, and addictive behaviors. Initially, John presented with significant distress, including issues with gambling, anger, self-neglect, and unresolved childhood trauma. 


Initially, John presented with significant distress, including issues with gambling, anger, self-neglect, and unresolved childhood trauma. He expressed feeling like a failed individual and reported struggling with depression and high blood pressure. He was hesitant to take antidepressants but was open to exploring hypnotherapy.

 Over the course of the sessions, John made noticeable progress in a short amount of time . 


He reported feeling happier, more relaxed, and excited about positive changes in his life. He engaged in activities that brought him joy, such as spending quality time with his girlfriend, planning a trip, and taking care of his health by exercising and improving his diet. John showed increased self-awareness and the ability to challenge negative thoughts and behaviors. He recognized the connection between his stress, arguments with his girlfriend, and gambling habits. 


Through Solution Focused  hypnotherapy, he gained insight into his primitive mind’s automatic response and learned strategies to break the cycle of stress-induced gambling. Significant positive shifts were observed in John’s relationships. 


He experienced a change in his perception of his mother, feeling less judgmental and craving less affection from her. He had meaningful conversations with his children and built a stronger connection with them. John also developed better communication skills at work, demonstrated confidence, and handled conflicts in a more constructive manner. 

The therapeutic approach of using language patterns, relaxation techniques, revision exercises, and the Miracle Question helped John understand and reframe his experiences, leading to positive changes in his thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 



 Initial Consultation  John scaled 3 

Session 2: Scaling – 4

Session 3: Scaling – 6.5

Session 4: Scaling – 7.5

Session 5: Scaling – 7.5

Session 6: Scaling – 4

Session 7: Scaling – 7.5

Session 8: Scaling – 8

Session 9 : Scaling-9

Session 10 : Scaling -9 


Customer Feedback:

The customer feedback from John throughout the sessions was generally positive. He expressed feeling happy, relaxed, and in control. He highlighted specific improvements in various areas of his life, such as his relationships, work, and self-care. John mentioned feeling supported and understood during the sessions, and he found value in the hypnotherapy approach. It is important to note that therapy outcomes can vary for each individual, and continued support and reinforcement may be necessary to maintain the progress achieved. Additionally, it would be beneficial to address John’s ongoing concerns about his girlfriend’s behavior and work towards finding resolutions or coping strategies to alleviate his worries. Overall, the treatment appeared effective in helping John make positive changes, improve his overall well-being, and develop healthier coping mechanisms. We helped john to move form problem focused mindset to solution focused mindset . 

Below link is other reseaches done by academics .

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