10 ways Reiki can help you improve your life.

It is believed that on a spiritual level, we all exude energy. Much of that energy is a reciprocation of what we feel from within. But the question is: what contributes to the energy that lies within? The answer is quite simple: it revolves around our emotions. Our emotions are our strength, but they also have the potential to be volatile. Many of us find it uncomfortable to talk about them or find acceptance, and that’s where Reiki comes in.

Reiki helps you in the most convenient way where you don’t have to talk because it’s a healing process that works around your energy by making it feel safe.

10 ways Reiki can help you improve your life

What Is Reiki?

A Japanese technique, Reiki breaks downs into two words:

  1. Rei
  2. Ki

In Japanese terminology, Rei means ‘the Higher Power,’ and Ki equates to ‘life force of energy.’ Reiki means working around life force energy through the higher power in totality. This means Reiki involves spirituality – reaching out to a higher power to help heal an individual’s life force energy.

Reiki is not a complete treatment or a solution for an illness. It is to help individuals who face stress and anxiety. Reiki helps calm you down because it connects you with your body’s energy. Given our lifestyle and schedules, we often don’t pay attention to what our body says to us, but via Reiki, we have the chance to connect with our energy spiritually.

The Process

During a Reiki session, the individual is asked to lay down on a comfortable table. You will be fully clothed during the process, and you won’t be touched. A Reiki practitioner will move their hands above your body in different patterns. This will attract your body’s energy and take away negative energy.

10 Ways Reiki Can Improve Your Life

  1. Relieve Pain
    Reiki is a process that works around the body’s energy. This energy focuses on areas that are stressed and in pain. The energy then sucks away the pain that may reside in any part of the body and helps the individual feel lighter and more relieved.
  2. Detoxify Your Body of Toxins
    Reiki’s ‘self-healing’ aspect compels your body to go for a cleanse during the process. The body needs to detoxify to feel healthier, and one of the ways to do that is by taking the spiritual route. Reiki helps your body detoxify by using the life force energy that resides within.
  3. Improves Your Sleep
    When the body calms during Reiki, it feels lighter and more secure. A good night’s sleep is heavily dependent on how active the brain is, and with stress looming around, it’s difficult to experience good sleep. However, with Reiki, this gets easier. The life force energy helps the brain filter negative information and clear out space.
  4. Places Attention on Spirituality
    With a focus on the life force energy, spirituality plays a significant role. Reiki is primarily a spiritual method of cleansing the body from negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is a process that allows the individual to heal themselves with the help of a Higher Power, or perhaps, God’s wisdom.
  5. Advances Self-healing
    Reiki works without any physical contact. The process of a Reiki practitioner using their hands and moving them around an individual’s body in a pattern is fundamentally a way for energy to converse with the body. This non-verbal communication encourages the body that its power resides within it. This helps the body release stress and gain confidence.
    Self-healing works internally, whereby your levels stabilize. This includes your heart rate, blood circulation, and other processes within.
  6. Helps Heal Depression and Anxiety
    A study was conducted in 2010 that researched how Reiki impacts older individuals facing anxiety and depression. The study analyzed remarkable differences between their treatment group and control group.
    Although more research is required to fully understand the role Reiki plays in minimizing depression but the self-healing ability of this practice has quite a natural impact.
  7. Betters Mood
    Reiki is a process that tries to teach an individual the importance of being present. It tries to negate the body from being absent in any situation. By staying in the present moment during the practice, an individual lets go of pent-up emotions and allow calmness to enter the body.
  8. Improves Focus
    By being present, an individual sharpens their ability to focus. This hones their focusing power, and they gradually begin to place negative emotions in the backseat and their present moment in the driver’s seat. With improved focus, individuals find it relatively easy to stay present.
  9. Unifies the Body, Mind, and Soul
    As a spiritual self-healing practice, Reiki works with the mind, the body, and the soul. As the Reiki practitioner moves their hands over an individual’s body, they communicate and send energy that unifies the body, mind, and one’s soul.
    With all three in one place, an individual develops the ability to think clearly without any manipulated feelings sparking up.
  10. Puts You in Touch With Your Emotions
    As the body, mind, and soul are unified, a fresh wave of energy is experienced throughout the body. With all the benefits mentioned above working together, the body finds it safe and comfortable to feel vulnerable. The vulnerability experienced in this safe environment encourages individuals to experience them and stay in touch with them.This sense of security makes them feel as if they’re in control and that their emotions are not the devil; but rather who they are.This painless method of connecting with your subconscious is one way to stay connected with who you believe you are and, more importantly, what you want to grow into.

How We Can Help

Imyou.co.uk is your place to go for a life-changing Reiki experience that can help you understand yourself in a whole different light. Everyone should experience the process at least once to connect with a Higher Power and feel their energy to stay in touch with themselves and become a better version of themselves.

The Learning

Reiki is a powerful way to communicate with your subconscious. We are oblivious to how our subconscious mind works in our normal state. Once we understand it and how it flows, we have a better chance of connecting with who we are internally. Reiki is not just to communicate and connect. It is a way to improve your life through a method that will help you focus and better your lifestyle.