10 reasons why you feel stressed and how to fix it.

According to mentalhealth.org.uk, stress is defined as the state of feeling overwhelmed and as if you are unable to manage everything that is on your plate.

Stress is triggered by life situations or moments where individuals feel as if they’re not in control. But that’s a normal reaction because this is how the body responds to pressure. Every individual has a different response to stress because we are all products of our surroundings. We have learned how to deal with stress by observing, witnessing, and coping using our developed mechanisms.

Stress can happen for more reasons than one. Your body is responding to pressure it cannot sustain. This manifests physically whereby you may feel as if your breathing is pacing up, your heart rate is increasing, and your mind is thinking at the speed of light yet not reaching a conclusion.

Let’s discuss stress triggers and ways you can implement them in your life to help manage them. 

10 reasons why you feel stressed and how to fix it

Stress Triggers

  1. Work Stress
    Work stress can impact an individual heavily. Many people rely on their jobs for a living, and any complications that may arise there can give birth to overthinking. Overthinking can cause immense stress on the brain, manifesting itself in the body. An individual can be stressed because of a problematic boss, long working hours, or even a job that they don’t like.
  2. Financial Troubles
    Finances play a crucial role in our lives, and any financial trouble can stir up stress within the brain. Not being able to make ends meet can prove to be worrisome because there’s no surety if they will get to eat the next meal.
  3. Emotional Trouble
    Emotional problems can impact the brain because our emotions can make us feel low. They have the power to control us, and if emotional troubles have a strain on the heart, an individual is bound to feel stressed.
  4. Fear
    Fear is a manipulator and a stress trigger. That’s just what it is, but it sprouts up when an individual is vulnerable. By taking advantage of their vulnerability, fear takes power and feeds negative thoughts that cause stress.
  5. Change
    Change can be a stress trigger because it is out of an individual’s comfort zone. In our comfort zone, we are less fearful and more secure. Because we are aware, we don’t experience as much stress. However, being exposed to a completely different environment or person leads us to think about the future. The unknown gives birth to fear, which then promotes stress.
  6. Expectations
    If someone has expectations from you, you can feel stressed. This is because you know that you have to live up to them and not to upset them. The possibility of not living up to someone’s expectations is a stress trigger, especially if they are unrealistic.
  7. Illness
    An illness can cause stress because the individual’s physical health comes into question. At that point, an individual may fear losing their life or bearing any damage to their body. The possibility of not being able to live a healthy life can be a potential stress trigger.
  8. Losing a job
    Losing a job is possibly one of the worst nightmares anyone can ever face. It puts their life on a halt and completely disrupts their routine. They are then supposed to begin life from scratch, and the possibility of not finding a good job in time can provide a lot of stress.
  9. Racial Discrimination
    Discrimination has been around for a while, and it has an impact on people, physically and emotionally. Discrimination can cause stress because it’s never the victim’s fault, yet they must face abuse and emotional turmoil.

Being Bullied
Being put down by someone can induce stress within the body because it makes them feel insecure. When a person feels insecure, they feel as if they’re not good enough, and this stresses them out because they want to be liked and loved, and not being in that position worries them.

How To Fix It

  1. Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy Foods
    A healthy lifestyle will help reduce stress because it will provide the body with the energy and supplements to stabilize itself.
  2. Regular Exercise
    Exercise should be an essential part of your routine. By doing so, you are keeping your body physically active. Exercising also helps release stress in the form of energy. Use this and other healthy coping mechanisms to build a better lifestyle.
  3. Practice Breathing Exercises
    Your body needs to feel as if it is secure more than it experiences stress. One way to do that is by practicing relaxation techniques that will help your body breathe and feel more secure. These exercises include meditation, Reiki, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing. imyou.co.uk practices PSYCH-K and provides Reiki services to help you connect with your higher self and let go of the stress you are withholding within your body.
  4. Set Goals for Yourself
    If you set realistic goals for yourself and achieve them, you will grow more confident. This will reduce stress levels because you will have learned how to handle stressful situations.
  5. Surround Yourself with Positive People
    Surround yourself with people who spread positivity. This will increase your dopamine level and reduce stress. The aim here is to increase healthy coping mechanisms to manage your situation well. Once you do that, your stress levels will automatically reduce.
  6. Spend time With Yourself
    You must spend time with yourself to understand who you are and where your strengths and weaknesses are. When you’re placed in a stressful situation, you will be better able to manage yourself because you’ll have realized your stress triggers and their coping mechanisms.

The Learning

imyou.co.uk is an excellent place to go for an experience. We all experience stress, and sometimes we need help dealing with it. That does not make us a smaller person but instead a courageous one that we’ve accepted that we need learning. PSYCH-K and Reiki are incredible experiences that can help you connect with yourself on a different level. Then watch how your stress triggers jump out that window