IM YOU offers professional Psych-K ® & HYPNOtherapy to help you balance your life and heal your body and MIND.


A Place To Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

Isn’t life moving too fast nowadays? In this digital era marked by a high level of competition in every aspect, we often end up compromising our physical and mental health. In fact, it becomes difficult to continue without a helping hand or a listening ear.

Do you also feel like your mind, body, and soul need proper care and healing? If so, you are at the right place!

I can work with you to improve your mental health and overall well-being without the use of invasive methods. How? By making you aware of your beliefs through PSYCH-K® techniques.



Ignite the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

  • Do you have anxiety?
  • Do you underestimate yourself?
  • Do you not feel confident amongst other people?
  • Do those self-motivation books and movies not work for you?

The negative thoughts deep-rooted in your mind can become the root cause of despair, frustration, and exasperation in your life. As a certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I can work with you to manage your anxiety and eliminate self-limiting beliefs that stop you from moving forward in personal relationships, your career, and other aspects of life.

PSYCH-K® refers to a set of processes that influence your subconscious mind to positively alter how you think, behave, and interact with yourself and others.

Note: PSYCH-K® is not a medical treatment; it cannot cure physical or mental health problems. However, it can change the beliefs stored in your subconscious mind to help you manage your problems better.



Is there an addiction ruining your life? Do you find yourself unable to reach your true potential due to a phobia, anxiety, or OCD?

There is a solution to all your above-mentioned problems, and that is solution-focused hypnotherapy. Using the power of hypnosis, psychotherapy, and positive reinforcement, I help awaken your potential for self-healing and growth.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything other than relax and accept helpful suggestions.

After my sessions, your mind becomes more focused on taking actionable steps to achieve your goals and overcome your limitations.

With the power of solution-focused hypnotherapy, you will be able to

  1. Stop smoking within one session
  2. Get over your phobias and fears within four sessions
  3. Overcome your OCD and other related disorders
  4. Get rid of anxiety, depression, and other similar issues


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Why Choose Imyou

Cutting-Edge Expertise: Benefit from our advanced techniques like PSYCH-K and Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy. Creating lasting neuroplasticity

Personalized Transformation: Experience tailored sessions designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring effective and meaningful change.

Comprehensive Well-being: We prioritize your overall well-being, addressing mental, emotional, and physical health for holistic growth.

Empowerment: IMYOU equips you with the tools and mindset to take control of your journey and sustain your progress independently.

Understanding Your Mind: Discover how your mind works and why you feel the way you do, gaining valuable insights that foster personal growth.

Effective Techniques: Learn techniques to overcome difficulties, empowering you to face life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

Trustworthy Professionals: Rest assured, our ethical practices and dedicated team create a safe, supportive environment for your transformation.